Video Recording Tips

• If you’d rather use your own device to create your video for uploading - we recommend testing your phone versus your PC to see what has the best quality picture

• If using your phone: Use the rear camera is possible as it has the highest resolution. Remember to record with your phone in landscape position

• If using a PC or Mac: Most Macs will have QuickTime Player built in as standard and can record HD from any webcam. PC’s will have may have more than one third party player software for recording. Just choose the one with the best quality output.

• Zoom and other web conferencing software can have built in recording facilities and can be used

• Where possible record in full HD (1920 x 1080, or 1080p), 720p is also acceptable

• If you’re given a choice of frame rate, aim for 25 frames per minute minimum.

• Use an external microphone if you have one as this can provide the best sound quality. Watch out for background noise including the fan on your PC or laptop.

• We can accept all video formats, but most tech will produce a .mp4 or .mov document

• Once you’re happy with your video upload it to the portal. Fill in all the required information, upload your file, then press SUBMIT. The file is not sent unless the submit button is pressed, and you receive a confirmation message.